Motivate and inspire people from various backgrounds that everything is possible if you put your mind to it through hard work and perseverance.



Currently Mr. Tsikira sponsors underprivileged students attending High School and University in his native country Zimbabwe. Mr Tsikira prides himself in being able to go back to his neighbourhood and motivate others to achieve their dreams. 

If you are interested in being considered for sponsorship, kindly contact Mr Tsikira.


With a passion for his craft, Mr Tsikira is very real and loves to share what he does and encourage individuals from all ages and walks of life to follow their passion. 

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Entreprenuer helping people from all walks of life
to achieve their dreams


With multi-millions in properties and investments, Zeb Tsikira a University drop out has truly defied the odds. After migrating from Zimbabwe to Canada in 2001, it took Mr Tsikira 10 years for him to find his passion in Entrepreneurship.


Zeb Tsikira has amassed his wealth in the past 5 years through hard work and perseverance. Mr Tsikira is now devoted to helping others coming from a similar background to achieve their dreams.


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